6 Year Anniversary!

6 year anniversary- We started raising Bengal kittens 6 years ago. I started this hobby for several reasons. #1. I wanted to get a kitten for my child and I got frustrated with how difficult is was to find a healthy, happy, socialized kitten. I knew there had to be a better way. #2. I love Bengals (DUH). #3. I wanted to provide other families with healthy, happy, socialized kittens. #4. I love science and I wanted to be involved with the genetic research that is happening in the cat world. After 6 years, we are still going strong. This is a slideshow of all the kittens we have raised and placed in their forever homes. So many beautiful babies!

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TICA Registered Bengals

Cute Bengal kittens for sale in Southwest Florida. We are located near Sarasota, Florida. 



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