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We keep our website very current. 
11/6/23- All of our kittens have been reserved. Our females are on holiday now. We will have more kittens next year. The estimated wait time for a kitten is 4-6 months. 


Holds your place in line to pick a kitten

See Policies page for more info

1 pick- Whitney M. 

2 Pick- Danielle C.- wants a silver female

3 Pick- Kari M.- wants a lynx snow

4 Pick- Madonna- wants a snow 

5 Pick- Laura A.

6 Pick- Chelsea P.- wants a female snow

7 Pick- Jason D.

8 Pick- Nola M.

9 Pick- Randall M.

10 Pick- Scott C.- wants a brown male

11 Pick- Phil B. 

12 Pick- Phil B.

13 Pick- Kaleigh B.

14 Pick- Kaleigh B.

15 Pick- Alisa H.

16 Pick- Timothy G. 

17 Pick- Kimberly M.- wants a brown male

18 Pick- Erin K. 

19 Pick- Angel T. 

20 Pick- Hunter H. 

2023 Breeding Plans

Maple Shade and SunRa- Breeding planned for end of Oct. 2023. Maple Shade can have browns, melanistics, and mink snows kittens. 
We participate with the Cat Phenotype and Health Information Registry at UC Davis. Click the button below to learn more. 
We participate with the Feline Genetics and Comparative Medicine Laboratory at the University of Missouri. Click the button below to learn more. 
Please understand that breeding plans are subject to change based on female heat cycles and of course, mother nature.
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