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1st Pick- Donna L.- waiting for a future litter

2nd Pick-Veronica M.- wants a brown male

3rd Pick-Tricia R. 

4th Pick- Patty P.- wants a female snow

5th Pick- Jennifer T. 

6th Pick- Mary D.- wants a brown female

7th Pick- Rose S. 

8th Pick- Rose S. 

9th Pick- Anthony P.

10th Pick- Carissa T. 

11th Pick- Christopher W.

12th Pick- Guy Q. 

13th Pick- Jacob M. 

14th Pick- Kyle M. 

15th Pick- Deborah R. 

16th Pick- JoAnn O.

2020 Breeding Plans

Zahara and Mingus- Zahara had 4 kittens on March 9, 2020. She has 1 brown female, 1 brown male, 1 charcoal female, and 1 lynx snow male. These kittens are on hold for the people on the priority list. Please visit our Facebook page (Sarasota Bengals) for pictures and videos of these kittens. 
Ghost Orchid and Coltrane- Ghost Orchid had 2 female lynx snow kittens on March 21, 2020.  These kittens are on hold for the people on the Priority List. Please visit our Facebook page (Sarasota Bengals) for pictures and videos of these kittens. 
Simone and Coltrane- Breeding planned for end of March. Simone can have snows and browns. 
Coco and Coltrane- Breeding planned for end of Feb./beginning of March. Coco can have browns and snows. 
Consuela and Sun Ra- Breeding planned for end of Feb./beginning of March. Consuela can have browns and snows. This will be Consuela's first litter. 
Please understand that breeding plans are subject to change based on female heat cycles and of course, mother nature.
We participate with the Feline Genetics and Comparative Medicine Laboratory at the University of Missouri. Click the button below to learn more. 
We participate with the Cat Phenotype and Health Information Registry at UC Davis. Click the button below to learn more. 

TICA Registered Bengals

Cute Bengal kittens for sale in Southwest Florida. We are located near Sarasota, Florida. 



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