Mingus is a beautiful seal lynx snow Bengal. We love his stunning blue eyes and soft, silky coat. He has a sweet personality and gets along well with children. He is extremely gentle and friendly.  



Coltrane is a mink snow Bengal. He comes all the way from Pennsylvania. His pedigree is amazing! He comes from a long line of stunning show cats. Take a look at his pedigree and you will see 5 Supreme Grand Champions (SGC), which is the highest title awarded to a cat. Coltrane has a bold and confident personality. He is built like a tank and has quickly assumed the role of alpha male. We love his turquoise eyes and vibrant rosettes. He is our new stud for 2017 and we are excited to see what type of kittens he produces. 




Simone was born here and her parents are Mingus and Aly. She is a beautiful, brown Bengal. She has a dog-like personality. She loves to play fetch just like her mom, Aly. Her temperament is sweet and playful and she is very good with kids. She is the largest female I have (about 10 pounds) and I expect her kittens to be robust and athletic just like her. She carries the snow gene, so she can have snows and browns!

 Ghost Orchid


Ghost Orchid is a stunning and sweet seal lynx snow bengal. She is easygoing and very friendly. She is also very good with children. She has the softest fur and the most beautiful blue eyes. She was born here and her parents are Mingus and Gabby. I named her Ghost Orchid because she is rare and exotic just like a Ghost Orchid. We are planning to breed her with our new stud Coltrane in Dec. 2016. Her kittens will be all snows, lynx and minks. 




Zahara is a stunning brown Bengal. She was born here and her parents are Coltrane and Dark Star. We love her big green eyes and playful personality. She can have seal lynx snows, browns and charcoals. She gave birth to our very first charcoal kitten in 2019. 

Stay tuned for more pictures of Zahara. 



Coco is a gorgeous brown Bengal. She was born here and her parents are Mingus and Zahara. She has a friendly, laid-back personality. She is very gentle and good with kids. If everything goes as planned she will have her first litter of kittens in August 2019. She can have snows and browns. 

TICA Registered Bengals

Cute Bengal kittens for sale in Southwest Florida. We are located near Sarasota, Florida. 



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